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Adoption payment details

Adoptions cost £24.00 for 12 months and we have several payment options available:

Single payment @ £24.00

12 x Monthly payments @ £2.00 pr mth


Ongoing adoption @ £2.00 pr mth

(Your adoption pack postage is inclusive)

Credit/Debit card payments are accepted via a secure Paypal online transaction. There is no additional cost to yourself for using Paypal.

Alternatively, you can send your adoption payment cheque/postal order to us by post.


You can visit your animal between the months of mid-May to mid-September.   Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary  is based in Wolverton (Stratford Upon Avon), Warwickshire.

Please contact Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary via email to arrange an appointment.- Contact us here

Visiting Marigold & Morgan
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Marigold and Morgan are a delightful pair of Anglo Nubian goats.

The Anglo Nubian goat is recognisable by its long floppy ears and pronounced 'Roman' style nose. Generally, they are slightly longer in the body than other breeds. It is also one of the heaviest and tallest breeds of goat, with males weighing up to 140 Kgs and females up to 110 Kgs.

Marigold and Morgan (we believe them to be mother and son) were brought into the sanctuary after being found abandoned, tethered to a garden fence.

Being naturally curious creatures anyway, this mischievous duo will chew on and taste just about anything resembling plant matter to decide whether it is good to eat. They are also quite athletic when it comes to climbing and will scale almost any obstacle just to nibble on something they fancy.

Why not adopt this lively but lovely pair and help us to keep their feet firmly on the ground!

All the money from this adoption will go straight to the Animals. We do not pay any administrative wages, which ensures every penny is used to pay for food, land rental, shelter, vets' bills and on-site husbandry.

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