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Heartfelt thanks to all those supporters who kindly and generously donated towards our summer appeal to get Carole a new home. Though we fell short of a log cabin, we did raise enough for a new (second-hand) mobile home which was delivered recently at the crack of dawn.

We have also commenced a series of improvements around the sanctuary in recent weeks, both in terms of improving the accommodation etc for the animals and making Woolly Park Farm more visitor friendly. We will have more details of the improvements in the next few weeks. Here is Carole's new home being placed on the site. Once again many, many thanks to all those who donated.

Farm Animal Rescue Sanctuary is in need of some extra volunteers, preferably at weekends but also weekdays too. Ideally you would live locally to the sanctuary in Warwickshire, but even if you live further away and could help at weekends, we would like to hear from you.

Please contact Mike Berry at or 07733 682005.


Winter 2016